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Sturgeon: I’ll push for indyref2 even if Brexit is cancelled

Nicola Sturgeon has admitted she will still pursue a second referendum on independence, even if Brexit doesn’t happen.

She was asked on this morning’s Andrew Marr Show if the UK remaining in the European Union would mean she’d drop her demands to break up Britain.

She responded: “Not necessarily, no.”

This is despite the First Minister spending the last three years claiming the 2016 Brexit vote was cause alone for a referendum rerun.

Now, the Scottish Conservatives have said, her deceit on the issue has been exposed ahead of Thursday’s European elections.

Scottish Conservative chief whip Maurice Golden said:

“Nicola Sturgeon has used Brexit as an excuse for pursuing a second independence referendum for the last three years.

“Today she has confirmed what we knew all along – Brexit was always just a fig leaf to hide her only real priority.

“Whether the UK is in or out of the EU, her answer will always be the same - independence.

“This Thursday, we need to make Nicola Sturgeon listen for once.

“Ruth Davidson’s Scottish Conservatives stopped her in her tracks in the General Election two years ago when we beat the SNP in seats across the country.

“A vote for the Scottish Conservatives this week can do the same again.

“By voting for Ruth Davidson’s Scottish Conservatives we can say no to more of Nicola Sturgeon’s referendums.

“It is time for Scotland to move on from this endless uncertainty and to leave the division of the last decade behind us.”

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