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SNP candidate must ‘come clean’ on support for euro

The Scottish Conservatives have challenged the SNP’s lead candidate in the European elections, Alyn Smith, to ‘come clean’ on his support for the euro for an independent Scotland.

Last night in a TV debate, Mr Smith claimed that he was ‘agnostic’ on the issue of currency for an independent Scotland.

This view is in direct contrast to his previously stated support for the use of the euro.

In 2011 when Mr Smith was asked if he supported an independent Scotland joining the euro, he said; “I do”.

Adam Tomkins, Scottish Conservative shadow constitution secretary said:

“Alyn Smith has previously supported the euro for Scotland so to say he is now agnostic is unacceptable.

“It is unacceptable that a leading SNP candidate is agnostic about the currency of your pension, your mortgage and your job.

“The fact is that the SNP knows that Scots don’t want the euro.

“This is a dishonest fudge by Mr Smith, but this won’t fool the voters.

“Alyn Smith and his SNP pals must come clean and admit that they would welcome the Euro in Scotland.”


 Notes to editors:

Alyn Smith said he was ‘agnostic’ on the issue of currency on STV’s Tonight -

Alyn Smith: “I’m agnostic on currency stuff.” And asked which currency he would go for, he said: “I don’t have a preference…. I’ve said I’m agnostic on the currency question.”

Alyn Smith has previously supported the Euro in 2011 - Asked whether he backed an independent Scotland joining the euro, Mr Smith said yesterday: “I do. And the euro will emerge stronger from this.” -

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